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Firm Overview
Hachem law firm with its experienced and specialized lawyers ensures client accountability and the seamless delivery of uniformly high quality legal services. Hachem law firm is committed to the fundamental principles ordained by its founder: to serve clients effectively and maintain the professional standards that distinguish both the firm and its people.

Our work can be divided into numerous areas of specialization, including banking, bankruptcy, intellectual property, dispute resolution, labor and employment, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, securities and taxation in addition to all kinds of litigation including criminal, commercial and civil.

We provide our clients the full scope of legal counseling.

Hachem law firm is a Lebanese law firm founded in 1992 by Sakhr El Hachem. The first cases handled by the firm were in the criminal law scope. The firm was entrusted cases related to corruption and bribing, breach of trust, drug dealing, murder and escrow actions.

After huge success in these cases, Hachem law firm made a move towards the civil law branch and then the corporate law before entering the banking and finance branch. Our firm is today the legal consultant to many banks operating in Lebanon including a top fifteen bank where Hachem Law Firm is the sole and unique legal consultant.

Hachem law firm is studying today an international expansion towards the Arabic Gulf with other law firms.